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Orthodontist-Certified Retainer Sets

Custom clear orthodontic retainers- upper and lower.

$129.99 $199.00
Buy Alightener Foam Online

Hands down the best product to clean your retainers and keep them fresh.  Includes two containers of Alightener Foam cleaner/Whitener. Does not include retainers/whitening trays.

Clear Plastic Upper Retainer

Custom for your upper teeth.

Clear Bottom Teeth Retainer

Perfect for your lower teeth.


Additional Impression Putty

2 additional sets of putty to allow you more chances to capture your perfect impression.


Our Whitening Pen is the ideal way to whitenen your teeth, its easy and comfortable and you will love your whiter, brighter smile:) 

Clear orthodontic retainers are the industry standard to prevent unwanted tooth movement.
We use Invisitain retainer material for our clear plastic retainers. Invisitain retainer material is BPA free and virtually invisible when worn. It is guaranteed not to crack, bubble or break during the lifetime of your clear orthodontic retainer. Clear retainers can discolor over time and may need to be replaced in the next few years. We are continually working to innovate at Retainers Direct.  In the near future, it will be possible to replace your custom clear plastic retainer without the need for another impression. This innovation will allow us to encrypt and store a digital file (STL) of your teeth, from your initial impression, and will be able reproduce the 3D model of your teeth at any time.

Our clear plastic retainers include a no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee, just like everything else we sell.


The Same Clear Retainers Used By Orthodontists... For Less

When it comes to clear retainers, Retainers Direct is dedicated to being the absolute best of the best. These clear retainers are the exact same product we use in our Orthodontist office, now available direct for less! In addition to being the best online source for affordable clear retainers, we also offer affordable teeth whitening products. Everything from our clear retainers to our whitening kits has been chosen based on our first-hand experience, and products we know to be the most effective and safe to use. We have everything you need to have the smile you deserve!

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