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Step 1 - Pick your products

Choose the products you wish to order and proceed with the checkout process. Our clear retainers are extremely durable and comfortable and will last several years if they are cared for correctly. Alightener Foam is a perfect way to keep your retainers fresh and your smile bright. Remember your retainers also function ideally as whitening trays as well, just order the Clear Retainers and Whitening Bundle and you will be on your way to a brighter smile. We have bundled our products together to save you money and allow the benefits of all our great products. Don’t forget the rest of the family!

Step 2 – Perfect Impressions

When you get your impression kit in the mail, open it up and read all the instructions and watch the instructional video on our website prior to starting with your own impression. Don’t worry, the process is simple and you will get a perfect impression. If one is not perfect, there is an extra set of putty in the kit to try again. The perfect impression is an exact mold of your teeth that allows us to make a replica of your teeth. Please take a funny impression selfie while waiting for your impressions to set, email it to us at We will send you a $5.00 Starbucks gift card for your effort.

Step 3 – Send it Back!

Place you perfect impressions directly in the blue shipping envelope included in your impression kit. The return shipping label is already on the bag so just drop it in the mail. Your job is done! Your new retainers will arrive in about a week.

Step 4 – Your Retainers Direct box arrived!

Open the box and remove your new retainers from the sealed plastic baggy. Try in the retainers and confirm that the fit is perfect. Retainers should be snug but comfortable. Included in the box is a Retainer case and any other products you purchased in step one. If you decide you want an extra set of retainers, a replacement at some point in time or a whitening kit, just go to the product page and we will send out whatever you need. We are continuing to innovate and in the future your digital impressions will be stored by Retainers Direct so we can make you a perfect retainer at any time in the future.