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When you buy a clear retainer online from Retainers Direct we will send you everything you need for us to make clear retainers specifically for you. In your Perfect Impression Kit you will receive the supplies needed to create an impression of your teeth and a return box to send your impressions back to our team. Once we receive your impressions, our board-certified orthodontists utilize industry standards to create an accurate replica model of your teeth. From this model, we will create custom orthodontic clear retainers that perfectly fit your teeth.  We are continually working to innovate at Retainers Direct.  Innovation in 3D printing and STL storage will streamline this process and allow us to store a STL file to make future retainers without the need for additional impressions. The process from your initial order to receiving your retainer in the mail takes about 2-3 weeks. 

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You've just stumbled upon the best kept orthodontist secret online! If you're looking to buy retainers for less than you would pay from your orthodontist, but don't want to sacrifice on quality, Retainers Direct is the answer. Whether you buy clear retainers online or order one of our teeth whitening kits, you’re buying the exact same products we provide our patients, direct to your mailbox in as little as two weeks, without even leaving your house. The process from your initial order to receiving your clear retainer in the mail takes about three weeks. If you ever lose your clear retainers or just need a new one, just send us an email, and we can fabricate it from the digital file of your teeth we have stored. Learn more about the custom clear retainer process today!


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Retainers Direct is America's online destination for professional orthodontic retainers and teeth whitening products.

Whether you (or your loved one) lost your retainers following orthodontic treatment or just notice your teeth moving, you are in the right place! At Retainers Direct, we utilize cutting edge technology and industry experience to deliver quality clear retainers directly to your house at a fair price. These are the same retainers that I use in my own practice.  Our goal at Retainers Direct is to preserve and whiten your fantastic smile! We stand behind our products with a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee.


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Buy Teeth Whitening Gel for Retainers
Buy Teeth Whitening Gel for Retainers           5 of 5 stars Few shades whiter
by Jason Reynolds

I have been using the whitening kit for a few months and I am seeing noticeable whitening of my teeth after years of coffee abuse. Well worth it to feel confident in my smile!

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Perfect Impressions
Instructional video to help you take the perfect impressions of your teeth that are used to create your clear retainer.